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The app uses Wi-Fi to rescue people lost in the forest

If you get lost or injured in the wilderness, there is a better chance of changing the situation where there is no mobile coverage and you cannot call for help before.

If you get lost or injured in the wilderness, where there's no mobile coverage, you can't call for help before. However, your smartphone today can still help you in this situation thanks to a new application designed at the University of Alicante of Spain.

When the application is activated by the user, it emits a periodic Wi-Fi signal that acts as a warning light that can be detected within a distance of several kilometers. This signal contains information such as GPS coordinates of users along with text messages like "I am injured" or "I am disoriented".

To receive signals, rescue teams will need a receptor equipped with a small antenna connected to their own smartphone.

"There is no system in the world that uses Wi-Fi signals to geotag a smartphone," GS. Said José Ángel Berná, the project leader. "There are devices that allow you to detect mobile signals from your smartphone and determine its location but cost about $ 80,000 [about US $ 95,629] and require the use of helicopters."

Conversely, if you buy and use a small antenna-equipped receptor device connected to your smartphone, it costs about € 600 ($ 717).

This technology has been tested on land and at sea by Special Rescue Teams of Guardia Civil, and Marine Services of the Armed Forces and Maritime Forces.

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