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We All Say " DP" In Relation To WhatsApp/Social Media- But How Many Know Its Full Meaning

Every WhatsApp or social media user tends to use the abbreviation "Dp" almost all the time_ but it's very shocking only few know its full meaning. "Dp" by definition refers to the highlighted picture of one person on social media or other internet chat to represent one's visual identity". An alternative term for " Dp" happens to be a " Profile Picture" as some prefer to use. There's absolutely no doubt that the second letter stands for 'Picture' _ so the headache here seems to be the first letter. Have you got any guesses? Well let me tell you now_ the abbreviation "Dp" stands for the words " Display Picture" _ it's actually not very far-fetched but it just hadn't occurred to some of you till now, rigth? Well, now you know and that's what's important_ congratulations on having to rule out " Dp" as one of the things you do not know in this world. I believe there exists more of such information that might interest you_ why not subscribe to always be on the brighter side. See you in my next article.

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