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Too long queues witnessed at sim registration centres: What is the way forward as a country?

Readers can recall that government kept reminding Ghanaians about various deadlines for sim registration using the Ghana card. It can be recalled that Honourable Sam George challenged the legality of the entire exercise when 31st July 2022 was announced as the deadline. Honourable Ras Mubarak had also stated that the extension of the deadline to July 31st does not erase the illegality of the procedures. Honourable Ras Mubarak has also complained about the long queues and chaos witnessed at these registration centres.

A visit to various SIM registration centres on 28th June 2022 , clearly shows that the July 31st deadline is still too close considering how long the queues are.

Currently, it takes not more than five minutes to register a mobile phone user. In fact, the issue is whether all centres can successfully register all eligible Ghanaian mobile phone users before the deadline.

There are many ways by which government can resolve the inefficiencies with the SIM card registration.

The first alternative is to provide an app or online solution to all Ghanaians to enable each and every mobile phone user to register in the comfort of their homes.

Another way the government can resolve some of the issues with the registration is to go to parliament to make laws concerning the process. Public consultations should be done during such legislations to enable all concerns to be factored.

Thirdly, it is recommended that government should provide more time for the SIM card registration. More time should also be allocated to procedures targeted towards linking bank accounts and SIM cards. This would help reduce the chaos and long queues witnessed at these centres.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion? Do you think many Ghanaians would lag the process if more time is given for the process? Do you think the Chaos and long queues can not be prevented? Do you think the Minority are deliberately hampering the progress of the procedures by making various public comments? What should be the deadline for the SIM card registration? Should government publicly account for how much it has spent to on the entire procedure? How do you rate the entire SIM registration processes across the length and breadth of the country?

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