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Captain Smart "Exposed" As Hacker Reveals How He Has Been Faking Views For Captain Smart.

Inarguably, one of the journalists who have the most views on social media is Captain Smart. The views he gets on television are not known however the number of views he gets on Facebook and Youtube is very evident. Today, a social media by name, Kingsley Kwesi Toya, has exposed Captain Smart. He has revealed that the number of views that Captain Smart has been getting on social media is fake.

"We are the ones who boost the views for Captain Smart's show. His views are not real live views. The real views he gets are around 900- 1000. This can get me into a lot of trouble but I have to speak the truth.

"I want Captain Smart to hear this. I met him at Media General. I went there so that he will advertise my services. I asked him how much he charges for advertisement and the price he mentioned was outrageous. He thought the service I was about to do was not possible so I wanted to prove it to him. The first time I proved my service to him, he got 10, 000 views and it was all over. On that same day, he called me and congratulated me. He actually did not pay me after that."

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