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Concerned Expert Points Out The Flaw of The Ghana Card After ECG Prepaid Crisis

For the past week, many Ghanaians have been inconvenienced after problems with purchasing electricity emerged. Visits to prepaid vendors are met with comments such as "there is no network", implying a technical fault which is beyond the scope of those who simply sell to consumers.

This crisis has led to many discussions as to how poor some infrastructures in the country are set up and managed. Some Ghanaians abroad or those who have travel experience have praised those countries as they state that some cities have never experienced a power outage in the last two decades.

Experts have also brought to light the flaw centralizing civic services poses. One main form of centralization occurring recently is the transition to mainly rely on the Ghana Card.

Bright Simons who is a Ghanaian writer, entrepreneur and political commentator, expressed that the software glitches at ECG are a reminder to Ghanaian leaders to think critically as they continue to push the idea of centralizing all civic services in one Ghana Card database. He went on to explain that the idea is flawed because a zero-day or a ransomware exploit can cause issues similar to what Ghanaians are facing concerning purchasing the prepaid service.

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