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If You Must Use Your Phone At Night, Make Sure These 3 Things Are In Place

Phone eye strain perhaps isn’t something you think about a lot, but once it affects you, hard not to notice. Protecting eyes from computer screens and smartphones is more important than ever, but effectively tackling the problem is more about prevention than treatment.

Simple preventative measures help protect eyes from computer screens and smartphones, and we’re going to take a look at a few of those measures in this article.

1. Adjust the Brightness, Contrast, and Text Size

Brightness, contrast, and text size are the three aspects of a smartphone that affect eyesight the most. Brightness and contrast that is too high or too low are both harmful to the eyes.

2. Use Blue Light Filters or Night Mode

Blue light filters help reduce how the light from your screen affects not only your eyes but your overall health. These can help protect your eyes when using a smartphone and improve your sleep if you’re using your phone right before bed

3. Use blue light-blocking glasses if possible

Blue-blocking glasses have the benefit of being able to block blue light from all sources, including the incidental lights around your house that have nothing to do with your phone or computer.

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