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Disability and Covid-19: The Conversation About Remote Employment, Smart Cities and Technology

Smart cities, inclusive and independent living is very important to the world as it is today.

The world is now viewing a lot of issues from our angle due to the outbreak of covid-19 and the national emergency lockdown, there are new technological innovations that supports people with disability without bias through remote connection. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of a Thing (IOT), we are now able to connect and thing that needs to be connected.

Apart from new technological innovations, remote employment is also receiving a major boost, there is a wide acceptance for remote employments during this pandemic. It is not only about the acceptance of remote employments, this pandemic is spurring a move toward tele-medicine. Now, I think it's going to explode and become the way many of us get primary healthcare, maybe even other kinds of care as the world drift towards the era of smart and fully inclusive society.

There are more than 8 thousand students with disabilities in the Ghana. The disability community has always asked for accessible services and remote classrooms, but over the years, the advocacy has received less consideration from the Ghana Educational Service until Covid-19 pandemic made the government and people without disabilities realize that a remote classroom will mean inclusion and education for everyone. Schools now use Google classroom and Zoom network to conduct remote classes.

Religious institutions and supermarkets are becoming totally inclusive during this pandemic. Religious institutions now conduct their services on social media. I stopped going to church since 2018 when I got paralyzed, my wife is my caregivers, so she also stopped going to church because our church wasn't accessible, but since last month my wife started connecting to church ministrations on Facebook. We now attend church services remotely. The lockdown and social distancing placed on many cities during this pandemic has also made many supermarket realize that their online stores need to be more accessible, they upgraded their online stores, so that people with disabilities can shop groceries and other products without waiting for their caregivers.

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