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This is how my University girlfriend trade her body for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

There are many things which attracts ladies a lot,the like of cars, jeweleries,money, gifts and most importantly phones. Yeah phones, especially an iPhone. Many girls will trade their body to get an iPhone. One thing which is common on campuses is the use of iPhones.

In Ghana,if you are not using an iPhone in the tertiary,most of your colleagues will think you are from a poor background. This perception of everyone is using iPhone so I also have to use some pushes our ladies to go through dirtiest things to get these type of phones.

This article shares a story of a young lady of University of Ghana who trade her body to get iPhone 11 Pro Max from unknown guy from Kumasi. The guy whose name was not revealed took to his Facebook page to expose Accra based girl called Mariam.

To cut long story short, Mariam met this unknown guy who used to work with an online company on Twitter. After Mariam saw an iPhone 11 Pro Max advertise by the guy,she decided to chat the guy on how she will get that phone without paying for it.

To settle the score without one loosing,both agreed on the term " I give you the phone,you give me your body". Many controversies settled in with one feeling betrayed by the other. Kindly enjoy the screenshot of the chat they had.

kindly comments your thoughts below. Does she deserves to be treated that way.

Content created and supplied by: Tuffour$amuel04FavouriteGuY (via Opera News )

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