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This is how iphone 12 Pro Max will be like.

For all iphone lovers, The long awaited iphone 12 Pro Max has been revealed.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will continue the full-screen design of the notch, with an OLED panel, and a flat middle frame similar to the iPhone 4, with 10-bit color depth and 120Hz refresh rate.

The entire system is equipped with an A14 processor based on a 5-nanometer process and supports 5G networks.

Fast Company revealed that iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with lower-level 5G functions, while iPhone 12 Pro Max will provide the highest-end 5G functions in a few countries.

Fast Company explained that Apple only intends to provide mmWave 5G for the iPhone 12 Pro Max sold in South Korea, Japan and the United States, while in other places it will use the cheaper and low-speed Sub-6Hz 5G.

The price has not been revealed yet but we shall uncover it soon.

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