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Reasons why your account is blocked by Facebook

Why Is My <a class=Facebook Account Locked or Disabled? - TurboFuture"/>

Facebook has a system of terms and community standards to ensure that this social network is always clean, maintaining stable operation. The content on Facebook is controlled by moderators and AI systems.

If a user violates the community standards, the Facebook system will proceed to lock the account. So when specifically will the user's Facebook account be locked? Please join TipsMake to find out.

Why is a Facebook account locked under Facebook?

On its support page, Facebook says it will disable accounts that don't comply with Facebook's terms. Some examples include:

1. Posting content that doesn't comply with Facebook's terms

2. Using a fake name

3. Impersonate someone

4. Continued behavior that is not allowed on Facebook and violates community standards

5. Contacting others for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promotion, or other unacceptable behavior

Details of reasons why the Facebook account is locked

In fact, Facebook's terms are quite long and not very clear. Therefore, TipsMake will add and give more details of behaviors that can cause you to be blocked by Facebook.

Here is a detailed list:

Use a fake name: Facebook always requires users to use their real identity on its social network. Accounts that use fake names, using object names as account names are often at very high risk of being locked

Posting too much and continuously: If you post too many articles or links on the wall of friends or groups, the frequency of posting continuously, Facebook will identify you as a bot account and will block your account

Sending too many friend requests: Sending too many friend requests in a short time or sending friend requests to many people who have no connection also puts you at risk of being banned.

Post offensive photos or videos: This is not a topic of discussion. Facebook is always on the lookout to ensure that accounts that post objectionable content are removed as quickly as possible

Sending messages of the same content to multiple people: This behavior is considered spam, harassment, and can first be flagged by banning sending messages for a certain period of time. If you repeat the offense, your account may be permanently locked

Facebook Account is Temporarily Locked How Do I Unlock It

Your account is a threat to other Facebook users: Virus-infected accounts that automatically send links and comments containing dangerous links will also be handled by Facebook

Suspicious payment information: If you use a credit card other than your Facebook name to pay your Facebook advertising bill, your account may also be locked.

Link to dangerous organizations or sites: You should not join extremist groups, groups that share violent, depraved content, or pages that incite violence.

Having too many accounts: A lot of people have two or more Facebook accounts and Facebook can delete duplicate accounts at any time

Facebook Accounts Only for People: When you create a Facebook account for a dog, a cat, an organization, or anything else, it's more likely to be locked out by Facebook soon. Businesses, organizations, and individuals should create a page instead of an account.

Posting copyrighted content

Reported by many other users

Viewing and sharing, spreading pornography, pedophilia to others: This is what the Vietnamese Facebook community has just finished.

Above are the details of the behaviors that cause you to get locked out of your Facebook account. Wish you safe online.

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