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Netizens Erupt As Ghana Is Ranked No. 1 African Country With Fastest Internet. Will You Agree?

Ghanaian internet users have reacted as latest reports have indicated that, Ghana is ranked the Number One country in Africa with the fastest internet speed. In a global index for fastest internet speed, Ghana’s internet was ranked the fastest on the African continent, ahead of South Africa and Egypt.

Ghana was ranked 79th in the world, with a speed of 53.28 mbps, which is the fastest in Africa and ahead of South Africa which placed 85th in the world and 2nd in Africa, while Egypt was ranked 91st in the world and and 3rd in Africa with speeds of 47.32 mbps and 42.42 mbps.

Commentaries following this post, have included the following:

Kofi Tijani Kali writes "With which network, see the way I laugh enter gutter."

Steven Otoo Acheampong writes "Then I can imagine the least"

Samuel Ahiadorme writes "From where am standing, Ghana should not be first in Africa. Western North Region abaaaaaaaaaa"

Gloria Aboagye writes "Then we thank God oo bcos I don't know how it would have been if we were not first"

Nana Bee writes "Please those saying Ghana's network is not good pls use iPhone"

Dzokoto Seyram Kelvin writes "Then internet connectivity in Africa is so poor in general"

Papa Amoah writes "7G Network is available in ghana"

Nadia Kyei Baffour writes "which Ghana are they talking about. I think it typing mistake"

Quin Sefalloyd writes "Rubbish, we all what you are saying is the greatest bullshit I've ever heard. It took me an hour to to watch a 17mins video"

Bright Norshie writes "Hahaha, is it a dream??? I can't think far"

Don Wint writes "Eeeeeeeiiii with this then some countries are suffering"

Nana Kwesi writes "Wey criteria them use for this .....Apiit)))"

Eugene Gborgbortsi writes "In the kindom of the blind..."

Charles Amo writes "Thanks to Mahama for laying the fibre optics cables. The reason why twitter chose to station in Ghana but Nana Addo's government couldn't think through on their deceptive reasons, for choosing Ghana!"

Felix Kwao writes "Sometimes I wish to know those people behind such ranking schemes! Ghana has the fastest internet speed, but they had refused to equally rank it as the most expensive commodity in internet data consumption "

Inusah Shaibu writes "Eiii. Am I dreaming. It takes 10 minutes before my comment came true."

Nana Yeboah Asiama writes "Pls make ur caption clearer, it's fixed broadband internet! Don't allow those who buy regular promotional bundles like GHS1 and GHS 2 to insult the Telcos."

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