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The WhatsApp feature everyone's been waiting for

WhatsApp appears to be finally working on feature that is an absolute necessity to most people using the application and that is, multiple device support with chat synchronization. A report from  WABetaInfo states that WhatsApp is currently testing the ability to allow users use their WhatsApp account across multiple devices. The report also states WhatsApp is also working on a dedicated WhatsApp application for iPad users. There is currently no multi device support, it is just one device only. However, there is WhatsApp web application which allows users to access their WhatsApp content via a laptop or another connected device. The downside of WhatsApp web is there having to be a phone powered and connected to a web in other to access WhatsApp content on one’s laptop or other supported devices.

I understand the one device only functionality is a nice way to ensure security on the WhatsApp application. One device means one opportunity to unlock the message being sent your way which is a nice thing from the security perspective. This new multiple device support won’t require constant connection to a phone and will allow users use WhatsApp across multiple devices simultaneously. I have been using the WhatsApp web a lot and I can boldly say its not the cleanliest type of experience considering that both devices have to be connected simultaneously. This is not true multi device support and this new initiative by WhatsApp to bring multi device support will benefit a lot of WhatsApp users.

This long rumored multi device feature for the past few months will likely support chat history sync, allowing WhatsApp users to synchronize their WhatsApp messages across multiple devices.  

WABetaInfo is also reporting that WhatsApp will release the long-awaited dedicated iPad WhatsApp application after releasing the multiple device support feature. The report also claims that this multiple device support feature will allow users to use their WhatsApp account on four (4) different devices simultaneously. Hopefully they can come up with a system where all connected devices are shown, so that the user can either choose to connect or disconnect certain devices on the same account. This is an advantage IMessage currently has, multiple device functionality where users get to access their messages on either their iPhone, iPad or MacBook computer. 

WhatsApp has enjoyed some huge success over the last few years and they currently have over 2 billion users. In recent months, they have been introducing features to limit the forwarding of viral messages. WhatsApp also introduced a search feature last week to help users debunk misinformation that can spread on the application.

WhatsApp wants to be your main messaging service and they already are for over 2 billion people. This is going to increase the usefulness of their application if they can pull of this multiple device support feature and that will be awesome.

I presume part of the delay for the release of this feature is centered around security and encryption. The multiple device support feature is a necessary component to take the WhatsApp application to the next level and a necessary feature am hoping to try and use in the near future.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section. Is this a feature you are excited about and going to use??

Content created and supplied by: B-TECH (via Opera News )

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