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How To Buy Insurance For Your Smartphone (Easiest Way to buy Insurance)

Smartphones are getting more and more expensive and I've done my very best to show you different ways in which you can protect that investment using all kinds of different cases or using screen protectors to protect you from scratches and drops. But what happens in the event that you break your GHC 9000 ($1500) smartphone? let's get started.

Now today's article is going to go through the process of how I used to protect my phone and get it insured in the process to get a replacement and repair. I'm going to take this in really soon to get the screen repaired. Please hit the follow button at the top right corner to receive my daily new articles.

When you purchase your phone, so whether you purchase it from a carrier or you purchase it from Amazon or you purchase phones from Samsung. If you purchase from them, they all have different options and ways in which you can ensure your phone and they all use a few of the same company. So the company that Samsung uses is called a sherry on. I know if you buy something like a google pixel phone, they use assurance.

So there's all these different types of insurance that you can get. So let me walk you through the process of getting that. So let's say, I want to go and purchase a brand new Samsung phone. I'm going to go into the Samsung shop app. And let's say, we want to buy the new Galaxy Z Flip Bloom Fi G. So it will give us the rundown of how much this is going to cost us. So we could end up spending a total of fourteen. Forty nine and ninety nine, or if we use different trade ends and stuff, we can knock it down, but let's go ahead and say, we're not going to do any trade ins.

You have the option to add Samsung care plus for extended coverage. So this will cost you an extra eleven and ninety nine per month. But as what this does is, it gives you the option to get up to three repairs or replacements of accidental damage. Twenty four seven technical support and an extended warranty past one year warranty. So all you have to do is select add, and then you go and buy the phone.

Now it's going to charge you this every month. You do need to do this at the time of purchase. If you don't, there is a way if you have an eligible phone that you can do this. I would suggest getting this at the time of purchase. So after you purchase your phone and arrive, you add case screen protectors, whatever you can. Now you are protected with that Samsung care plus, and it costs you eleven, ninety nine a month.

I think the total is twelve dollars and eighty six cents, and this is available for us. So in the event, you didn't add the Samsung care plus option, you could possibly go and buy an insurance plan with your carrier when you activated. I just activated this with sprint. It gave me the option for their insurance, but I chose not to get that because I already had the Samsung care plus. Or maybe you could go through a third party wherever you buy the phone to get insurance.

So what happens if you don't get insurance? So if you don't get the insurance, you aren't protected, you're just under manufacturer warranty. So if the camera stops working, you can call a Samsung and send it in for repair. But that's not if there's damage, a broken screen is accidental damage.

So let's say, you do break your phone now if you do break your device like me, the first thing you need to do is contact Samsung premium care. Now the easiest way to do that is to just call 8663719501. And that will connect you directly to them.

Now that the process was really simple. All I did was they asked for my IMEI, of my phone so that I could verify the phone does have that premium care because I bought it from Samsung. Please hit the follow button at the top right corner to receive my daily new articles, also like and share this article. Subscribe YouTube channel

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