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Mobile Money Fraudsters; New Strategy Tha They Have Use To Defraud A Momo Merchant Today, Take Note.

I want to use this opportunity to share with you what has happened to a mobile money (momo) merchant at Dormaa Ahenkro in Bono Region today as well as the new strategy that the Fraudsters use to defraud or scam people nowadays most especially our ladies.

Read below what happened to the merchant as she narrate with tears;

"I received some customers when I was serving them another customer came, so when I was done with them I return to him and he said he wants to withdraw money. "But he said someone is sending him money but the person said he's done so I should check his wallet first because he don't know how to check it. When I checked it there was nothing on his wallet."

"So he said he will wait and see maybe it was a network problem and he didn't want to disturb him so he will not call him. I work on table top under an umbrella. What do I know, I offered him a seat at my back and we started chatting. He had a call so he ask me to excuse him, he walk at some distance and made his call. When he came back within some few minutes a man in a private car call me from his car that he need Vodafone credit Ghs10. So I quickly took it and deliver it to him."

"When I came back there was no one sitting there. I thought maybe he is going to buy water or something like that so I didn't take it serious. Within some few minutes, I received another customer that was when I came to realize that the phone on the table that I use to work was not mine. Meaning he took my own phone and left another one there."

"I immediately called MTN office to check my account if there is still money on it but they said there was no money on it, but I was having Ghs5400 on my account."

Now below is the strategy in it:

They will stand behind/beside or any place that will allow them to get clear vision when you are entering your code. They will monitor you till they get to know your code.They have all the momo related yam phones with them.They will then get to your table as if they are doing transaction then exchange your merchant phone with the same phone and run with it. Since it's the same phone ,you might not know until you are another transaction and that will be too late. 

Please share it with your friends and families to save others.

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