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When an Unknown Number Calls You, Don’t Say “Hello,” Say this Instead To Avoid Being Scammed

Scam and spam calls are getting more common. And they’re hard not to answer because the number comes up as Unknown. When there’s no caller ID number, you can’t be sure if it’s a spam caller or an important call you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re anticipating a job offer or a call from a client, not knowing who’s calling can make this situation worse. Plus, you can’t block spam callers if their numbers don’t appear.

it could be because the caller has requested that their provider block their number. It's more common these days that unknown numbers are scammers or telemarketers.

So you can answer the phone and politely ask how you can help. You can also say "Tell me who you are talking to" or "Please introduce yourself". If the caller does not respond well, he or she is probably a scammer. Some of them end the conversation immediately from fear.

I dont answer unknown numbers. I have as have many been warned not to answer these calls I would advise you to do the same. First off, there are plenty of calls peddling scams. The most surefire way to not get scammed over the phone is to not pick up those calls. 

Every so often, your phone may ring once and then stop. If that happens to you, and you do not recognize the number, do not return the call. You may be the target of a "one-ring" phone scam.

If you return to your phone and have a missed call from an unknown number, resist the urge to call it back. Restrain your curiosity to better protect yourself from scammers.

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