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How Much Do You Get When Your Content Go Viral

Are you asking how much money do you make on a particular platform if you reach a large audience? Or are you inquiring more generally about the benefits of your content reaching viral levels? I can speak to the latter. The benefits of virality are, as you would expect, potentially massive, but the benefits that matter to you depend on your goals. Here’s an outline of the rewards for going viral based on each goal type:

Brand Awareness: When your content goes viral, assuming your site is being cited as the source of the content or your branding is present in the content, there’s a huge opportunity for general brand awareness. Thousands and thousands of people are seeing the content your company created, meaning they’re more likely to now become acquainted to your brand.

Brand Authority: This depends on the type of content you produced that became viral, but if it involved research and potentially even your brand’s own data, and your brand is thus positioned as an authority on the subject, then this mass exposure will reinforce that authority, especially if high-quality publishers are covering your content (which is most likely the case when something goes truly viral).

Link Building: If you went viral because of an active outreach strategy that involved publishers linking back to your site (in order to source the content), then often times viral content leads to many high-quality links from news sites and some corresponding referral traffic. Link building helps your backlink portfolio and thus your overall organic traffic potential, but note: using content to build links is a long-term strategy and can’t be completed with just one viral campaign.

Because any marketing initiative should be goal-oriented, it’s important that before attempting to create content with viral potential, you build a plan around that goal and execute the creation and promotion of that content strategically based on that goal.


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