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Xiaomi Human Sensor 2

Xiaomi announced the launch of the Xiaomi Human Sensor 2. The Human sensor supports linkage with smart home appliances, coming at a retail price of 59 yuan ($8) and a crowdfunding price of 49 yuan ($7). It will start a new product crowdfunding on December 2nd.

The Xiaomi Human Sensor 2 uses elliptical track buttons and anti-UV materials. In terms of features, the Mi Human Sensor 2 supports 130° wide-range sensing and a 7-meter detection distance. Thus, you can place it in rooms, corridors, and beds. When people or pets are moving, it can send notifications to the Mijia App through a nearby Bluetooth gateway, or link with other smart devices.

The Mi Human Sensor 2 can also intelligently sense the light and dark conditions of the surrounding environment. In addition, it can provide more information for light linkage and safety in different scenarios. Get up at night and switch on the lights after sensing. If someone breaks into your home after leaving home, you can link the gateway to record video through the Mi Smart Camera PTZ version Pro and push it to the Mijia App at the same time.

Connection with Mijia App and IOT products

Users can view product logs, battery status, Bluetooth gateway signal strength and other information at any time through the Mijia App. In addition, the product also supports linkage with Mijia IoT products. For example, when you go home, you can turn on the Mijia air purifier without having to use your hands to enjoy clean and good air. When there is no one in the house, linkage can turn off the home air conditioner, air purifier, etc.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Human Sensor 2 uses low-power technology. It comes standard with CR2450 battery, and has a battery life of up to 1 year. When the device is in a low battery state, it will also remind you to replace the battery. So, you don’t have to worry about the battery.

In addition, you can place the Mi Human Sensor 2 with the bracket. It also supports multiple installation methods such as flat placement, wall pasting and inversion, suitable for a variety of scenarios.

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