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8 things Bing does better than Google

Bing, as a search engine, seems like something far away. We never hear anyone think that Bing is superior to Google. However, there are several aspects that Bing does better than Google.

Relying on Google to handle all requests for information is what most people are doing. While Bing, as a search engine, seems like something far away. We never hear anyone think that Bing is superior to Google. However, there are several aspects that Bing does better than Google.

1. No captcha

When using Bing to search, you'll never encounter a captcha, which is a common problem with Google Search. That is also one of the reasons many starts using Bing.

There is no captcha with Bing

If you're tired of proving to Google that you're not a bot, then Bing with open arms will be ready to welcome you.

2. Less effort in scrolling

Bing pioneered the introduction of horizontal scrolling, which is now copied by Google (though with some differences).

Google's horizontal image opens in the side panel that takes up nearly half of the screen space, allowing you to preview 5 or 6 of these images without scrolling down further. The worst part is when you click on the image - it will first take you to the hosting site, where you have to scroll down again to track the location of the photo. This fails to preview the image.

With Bing, finding good images takes less effort. The horizontal scroll panel occupies the entire screen, which feels like a slideshow. You can quickly return to the thumbnail view by clicking the close button at the top of the page.

When clicking on the image, you will directly see the full-size image (in a separate tab) instead of being forced to visit the site. Bing also allows you to quickly view multiple images on different tabs.

3. Add visual search options

Although Google allows you to search by image, it is limited to pasting image URLs or uploading them from your computer. Bing Visual search allows you to drag images from your computer or take photos with your webcam/phone

Add visual search options

4. Advanced video search

If you've never tried Bing's video search engine, it's time to do it. You will be surprised by the development of this platform.

All video search results are organized by neat thumbnails, scrollable with horizontal arrow keys. To see the same number of videos on the Google search engine, you will have to scroll more.

But that is not the only difference. You can stream Bing videos in full-screen mode without having to visit YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, CNN, Fox, or other websites. Conversely, Google will always direct you to YouTube or other websites first.

Video Bing also delivers superior results compared to Google Search, at least as good as YouTube for algorithmic suggestions. You do not need to visit YouTube unless you want to read the comments.

5. 'My Saves' feature

'My Saves'

There is a whole new experience in search engines that many people don't know. Say goodbye to Bookmarks or Favorites. Bing highlights a feature called 'My Saves', which lets you save all search results in one place. If you save to 'My Interests', you will receive search suggestions about your favorite topics. Again, this is the kind of feature you usually see on YouTube.

6. Additional security settings

Bing allows you to completely turn off interest-based advertising from other privacy settings 'Other Privacy settings'. Besides being well connected with Windows, Skype, Xbox, and Office, you have an obvious option of not using your Microsoft account. As a user, you have complete control over your privacy.

Unlike Google, Microsoft doesn't use content-based targeting, so your emails, chats, files, and other personal content are not tracked to promote ads.

You can delete all search history from the Microsoft Privacy control panel.

7. Office 365 integration

Bing integrates quite well with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Excel. For example, while creating a PowerPoint presentation, you can directly use Bing to search for keywords. It will immediately fetch search results from Creative Commons and can be inserted directly into the presentation, the same way you have Bing search options while chatting on Skype.

8. Overall look and feel

Compared to Google's minimalistic interface, Bing feels more colorful and interesting. The wallpapers are changed frequently.

Bing brings a colorful feel

The main drawback of Bing compared to Google

The article outlined some advantages of using the Bing search engine, it is important to discuss its biggest drawback: Bing is not a Google product.

In terms of results and accuracy, Bing, like other search engines, has a long way to go before it can compete with Google. This means that Google does much better than Bing in terms of search results. Google search results are more relevant and more in line with user intent.

As long as other search engines do not improve the quality of their search results, the Google search engine will not be affected.

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