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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Switch

According to Zimi’s official news, the Xiaomi Mijia smart switch is on sale on all platforms . The price starts at 59 yuan ($9). This Smart Switch is divided into single-key version and double-key version. The prices are 59 yuan ($9) and 69 yuan ($11) respectively.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Switch supports voice control by Xiao Ai. Via Bluetooth, you can connect it to the Mijia App. So, the switch can be controlled at will when the phone is turned on, and the light can be switched on and off at one point, saving the trouble of getting out of bed. If the user has Xiao Ai product at home, turning on and off the light is a matter of one sentence. Just say “Xiao Ai, turn on the light” command and the light will automatically turn on, saving a lot of trouble.

Connected to the Mesh gateway, it can be linked with other smart devices in the home, such as with the Xiaomi smart door lock. It can achieve the effect of turning on the lights when the door is opened at night. With the Xiaomi human body sensor, it can achieve the effect of people coming to light. In addition, the Xiaomi Mijia smart switch also has OTA capability.

More importantly, the Mijia smart switch has passed the professional durability test. When used as a traditional switch, the Xiaomi Mijia smart switch can withstand 80,000 repeated presses. The shell is made of V0 fireproof material. The white minimalist design is suitable for most lamps on the market. In terms of installation, this product is suitable for most lamps on the market. It can also control energy-saving lamps with a minimum of 3W.

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