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'Iphone Is Overrated' - iPhone Users Explains Why They Go Back To Use Their Android Phone.

Dear reader's, this Article is NOT meant to discredit any Phone System company or any brand of any kind. 

Apparently a lot of people have been one way or the other humiliated, disrespected and some have been rejected because of the System of phone they are using. Perhaps they look clearly odd when with others. This Article may give them a relief. Yeah sure!! 

Each and everyone suppose to leave their lives how they wanted it. Whether low or high, living a low or high (lavishly) lifestyle does not only depends on one's incomes thus, one's responsibility. 

What am I trying to insinuate? You know these days people blindly considered iPhone users as wealthy people. Of course it may be but not always. This irony is very common especially among the youths. Whenever they are with friends, they want to show off their iphones just to mount unnecessary peers pressure on others. 

The question now is; is iPhone the best phone device for everyone? Of course not. Some iPhone user have shared their experience after using iPhone for months. They say; "iPhone is overrated." According to them iPhone and Android are almost the same. You can call, text, chat, video calls, surf, record, etc with either system. Accept the fact that iphone is so expensive because of the storage. 

And one secret about iPhone users is that after having an iPhone they again buy Android phone. Because there are quite number of Androids features that are not in iphones or vice vasa. 

Sometimes people think it's because you can't afford an iPhone and that is the reason you are saying iPhone is overrated. In this case however, people who have used iPhone and switched back to Android phone are the one saying iPhone is overrated. So thinking people still uses an android phone because they can't afford iPhone is absolutely not true.

Provided the phone you are using right now is able to serve the purpose for which your bought it for, then, that's the best phone for you.

Read some reactions by social media users in the screen shot below.

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