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Check Out The New Feature Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been in the system for a long period of time when Android phones came to existence.

People were interested in the WhatsApp and as a result, they started downloading it from the internet and this made WhatsApp went viral in the world.

Not long ago, a WhatsApp which was known to be GB Whatsapp came into existence with extraordinary features that attracted a lot of people.

As a result, the people left WhatsApp to GB Whatsapp after they compared each of the features.

But now, WhatsApp has been updated and check out the new feature below

This feature helps you to identify the unknown number that sent you a message by clicking on the profile.

Normally, people send us messages through WhatsApp but because we don't have their contact numbers on our phones, the message just pops up without their names indicated on it but with this feature, you will be able to identify the person who is messaging you through WhatsApp.

This new feature only works when the person sending you a message has registered the account as a business account.

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