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Some Of Us Die On The Dessert: Man Who Travel To Italy Through Libyan Dessert Describe His Story

We all know most Africans try as much as possible to migrate to foreign countries for greener pasture.

Most of them even try to do it illegally not matter the dangers involve.

In recent times it has been one of the issues that have global interest and even though people die through this means, people are not willing to give up their dreams of being in Europe, South America, Asia no matter what it takes.

Some people who made it, have made it clear on several interviews how dangerous it is to travel through the Libyan desert by foot to Europe.

Here is a story of one man who’s name is Charles Donkor who was able to make it through the Libyan desert by foot and continued his journey to Italy by the Mediterranean Sea.

Charles Donkor elaborated that along the line on their journey, they run out of water and people began to drink their urine and others even fought over other people urines.

Charles made it clear that they were attacked by Rebels and they took all, their monies and those who refused to give them their money were shot dead.

Charles Donkor said after they made it through the desert , they met some Libyans who transport immigrants to Italy through the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Libyan who transports immigrants where able to help him and the others he was with to joined a Boat and made it to Italy where he lives now.

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