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4 Places More Mysterious than Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is infamous for making sea vessels mysteriously disappear, but it's not the only body of water with dark secrets and seemingly paranormal activity. There are a few other nautical locations where vessels' crews have been known to inexplicably vanish without a trace.

Crooked Forest (Poland)

This Polish forest lives up to its name, with hundreds of peculiar pine trees. Several hundred pine trees were planted there in the 1930s and grew with an almost 90-degree bend at their base, making them look like fishing hooks. Some believe that a technique or human tool was actually used to make the trees curve this way, while others speculate that a winter snowstorm or some other damage could have given this fascinating forest its interesting shape.

Highgate Cemetery, England

If you choose to navigate the crawling vines and ivy shoots, the looming oak trees and the lichen-spotted tombstones of London’s Highgate Cemetery, then beware: this is considered by many to be the single most haunted place in the United Kingdom (Tower of London omitted, of course). The setting is certainly enough to curdle the blood, with age-old angelic figures hiding amidst the shadow growth, gargoyles laughing from the crevices, and endless rows of tombs running into the distance.

Island Of The Dolls (Mexico)

Island of the Dolls is a remote island off the coast of Mexico. Its name hails from all the creepy and mysterious dolls that hang off the trees grown on the island. The urban legend states that the dolls are there to honor the soul of a young girl. However, some claim paranormal events take place nightly on the island, causing no humans to inhabit the island. Some say that the dolls will move on their own, heads will spin and limbs will move at the most random of times. What is causing such things are unknown, but to this day the citizens of Mexico stay away from the deserted island.

The Devil Sea (Japanese island of Miyake)

Also known as Dragon's Triangle because of ancient legends suggesting dragons living off the coast of Japan.There has been a lot of suspicious activity along this region like numerous disappearances of ships and planes. In 1952, the Japanese Government sent an investigation team of 31 members. Sadly, the whole team including the ship disappeared in the sea, never to be seen again. Another story tells of Kublai Khan's disastrous attempts to invade Japan by crossing the Devil's Sea, losing at least 40 000 men in the process.

Other speculations range from aliens, to gates to parallel universes, high volcanic activity leading to disappearances and even to Atlantis. 

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