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Bad news hits Ghana at the Kotoka International Airport.

It was reported earlier on that passenger were stranded at the KIA due to the strike action.

Report says that Ghana is receiving another doses of the coronavirus vaccine within a week which may be landing at the Kotoka International Airport(KIA), but due to this strick action embarked on by the workers at KIA, it will creat some kind of problems for the arrival of the vaccine or may deny it coming. 

According to report, the strike officially started two days ago that is on February 26, 2021 and is an indefinite strike which means that the resuming time is uncertain. The strick was due to some kind of directorial issues at the facility.

If your relative informed you of arrival within this weekend or next week through the KIA, do not be mad at him or her when he or she calls back to say the journey is postponed. Same too, if a love one bid you bye to travel outside town through the KIA and you see him or her back without traveling, do not be too much surprised.



  The strike has halted all activities at the facility and hence no Airline is flying in or out as far as the KIA is concerned. This had and is affecting many who had ticketed to leave the country or fly in through the KIA. The effect caused by the cancellation of these tickets are many and unbearable as far as the victims are concerned. Many have business appointment, occasions, marriages and others to attend which would be very costly as far as they are missing their flights. 

Speaking of tickets cancellation, the cost involved in purchasing the ticket is another matter that cannot be left undiscussed. Some one buying a ticket like $800 at you couldn't board the flight. Even the cheapest ticket to Ghana from the United States found is estimated around $180 one-way, and $474 round-trip.


   According to the strike statement released by Abdul Issaka-Bamaba, one of the affected services at the KIA is the screening of passengers. This activity was done to check the spread of the coronavirus. As this has stopped, there is trouble already as far as the fight of the coronavirus in Ghana is concerned. Some pictures saw passengers at the KIA unattended to by any worker for whatsoever process necessary as far as the coronavirus testing is concerned.


   The aircrafts requires services in other to be in good shape. Workers for that particular purpose are part of the strike petitioners and for that matter the aircrafts are without any service till the resuming of workers. Some dangers of this particular point can be fire outbreak which can take the live of residence around the KIA and also destroys property, both state and individual.


  Information is vital for the success of everything. When you go to the airport, information are given through a man powered audio assistance in delivering directives to all persons present. This announcement could be about the arrival of a flight or vice versa, sometimes too it could be a warning indication about a possible danger for persons to evacuate the premises. 


 This strick action could finally retard the development of the country at large.The aviation department of any country is one major source of that particular country's income and in the case where there is lack of improvement on that end, the country as a whole, suffer the consequences.

This is not a good news as far as the country is concerned, and I believe the Gorvenment should take an immediate action towards resolving the case.

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