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See photos of the beautiful beach that has penguins

The delightful Boulders Beach is one of Cape Town's most visited beaches and the main spot on the planet where you draw near to African Penguins. 

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Two penguins investigating camera boulders 

Cape Town certainly has no deficiency of astonishing beaches, yet Boulders Beach in False Bay offers a bonus uncommon – a settlement of African Penguins in all their keenly dresses, waddling magnificence, directly in front of you. Truth be told, it's the main spot on the planet where you can draw near to African Penguins. 

Well known CITIZENS 

In 1982 two or three these little group pleasers chose the delicate white sand between the huge rock boulders that shield the beach from wind and huge, blustery waves, and presently the populace is assessed somewhere in the range of 2,000 and 3,000 fowls. Unfortunately the African Penguin has been delegated a jeopardized species, because of things like over-fishing, natural surroundings obliteration, contamination, and flippant tourism exercises, and the Boulders Beach province has additionally felt the impact, with numbers lessening throughout the most recent few years. 

Fortunately, Boulders and its encompassing beaches presently structure part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area, along these lines guaranteeing the beaches are sheltered and clean, and the penguins ensured. Several years back three wheelchair-accommodating footpaths were built to oblige the about 60,000 guests that visit the beach every year. These footpaths wind their way through the rises and vegetation and gives incredible review spots, yet in addition secures settling penguins and their chicks. Nonetheless, you can even now spot a couple of the little fellas waddling through the parking garage now and again. 



Boulders Beach isn't only an extraordinary spot for penguins, it's likewise a well known family-accommodating swimming beach where children can move over the boulders, investigate the stone pools, or swim in the cool, clear False Bay water. It's additionally an incredible spot for a relaxed excursion. Because of the R65 protection charge, the beach is seldom pressed. 

On the off chance that you'd prefer to study the territory's renowned occupants, make certain to fly over to the Boulders Visitors Center where master aides will give you huge amounts of intriguing data about Africa's own, special penguins.

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