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MPLAZA Business BOOMS, Since All Persons Who Test POSITIVE Must Lodge There, So WHO OWNS IT? DETAILS

As part of the Covid-19 restrictions, the President, through his Executive Instrument, made testing for travellers compulsory and interestingly, at the cost of $150 dollars, many have spoken against it, but everyone travelling through Kotoka International Airport has had to make this payment and get tested.

The other bit is that, if you are unlucky and tests positive, there are just about one or two hotels, recommended for you to lodge, at a fee, till you test otherwise. Its worth noting that, in a pure sole sourcing contractual agreement, it is alleged that, not just the testing firm, Frontline Healthcare Services owned by a Nigerian, but also, MPLAZA, have been sole sourced for these purposes.

Hence, if anyone cares to know, MPLAZA, may be one of few hospitality firms in Ghana benefiting massively from the Covid-19, whereas many other hoteliers are complaining of low and slow business, this was the subject of their advocacy and calls, when the stimulus package discussion came up, only for them, to loose out and barely benefit from the support from the Nana Addo led-government.

Well, back to MPLAZA, they are so blessed that, the moment one tests positive of Covid-19 by the Frontiers Healthcare Services, the firm that made over $18million dollars profit at the Airport, the infected people are bussed to MPLAZA, to stay there for days, until the results turn around, before they are released and it is not free, as they have to pay for lodging at the luxurious hotel.

It is worth noting that, with the seeming high profits that Covid-19 is bringing to certain businesses, with MPLAZA inclusive, many have been asking, who owns the hotel. With the likes of several other hotels, dotted around Accra, why is MPLAZA the only place approved by the Nana Addo government to provide paid for lodging for all persons tested positive at the Airport?

Its again worth noting that, there have been vices raised even by the travellers, with a viral video, showing how a woman from the USA, alleged that, she was intentionally given a positive test, just to be taken to MPLAZA Hotel, so she would pay for services she does not need.

With this discussion on-going, Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo in two instances has shared some concerns. In this first post, he shares a post, allegedly written by veteran highlife musician Ben Brako, where amongst other concerns, shares that:

"I arrived in Ghana on Tuesday the 20th of July .. I was informed, much to my surprise that I tested positive for covid. This was indeed a shock for me as I contracted the disease early this January in Ghana. Fortunately I recovered and returned to Ohio. Since then I took both shots of that Moderns vaccine, and tested negative just a day prior to my trip.

Needless to say I was forced into a bus to be taken to MPlaza which turned out to be guarded by armed police and a soldier. I tried everything to be retested at my own cost but to no avail. Apparently all who tested positive on flights into the country had to be quarantined for minimum 3 days before they would be retested. On the next day which was Friday I tested negative to the antigen test and was released on the same day.

As the images I have just posted testify, the room was a dirty, unhygienic dump with no cleaning and water so dirty it makes river water cleaner and clearer. You can see in the empty sink the remnants of the sediments in the tap water. No body cleaned the rooms or changed beddings. The food was atrocious, and services were just not part of the deal.

Many of the foreign visitors were so disgusted by the treatment that they went straight back to the airport to go back home and forfeit their trip into Ghana. More than half in the inmates tested negative after the first 3 days. It's a sad indictment on the government that their appointees need to monetize the pandemic, even the fact of giving the airport COVID-19 testing to a private firm instead of the NHS beggars belief.

The entire experience is very disgusting, and I am ashamed of the attitude of government in Ghana. Shame shame shame, shameless greedy bastards milking it's own people in an ongoing pandemic," he wrote in part.

I the other post by the fast rising NDC Lawyer, he simply sought to find answers if anyone knew the persons behind the business flourishing MPLAZA Hotel and here were the responses:

Kwabena Boamah - Marfo writes "Moi."

Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo replied "Kwabena Boamah - Marfo you are middle man"

Ekow Ekow Sagoe writes "I can only imagine. Now part of the 7 mysteries of Ghana."

Ekow Ekow Sagoe writes "I can only imagine. Now part of the 7 mysteries of Ghana."

Philip Agbeko Doe writes "The wife of Nana Addo's brother."

Mawuli Fugah writes "Secretary to the president"

Nana Amoako Mensah writes "Nana Akwasi Boadu ,Agric Nzemaa hene"

Elikem Kotoko writes "This question, you want Gabby to come and tell us why it won’t put food on your table but we should rather go and ask how much is a ball of kenkey lol"

De Accra Mayor writes "I met Nana Addo himself in M Plaza many times before he became president. He held most of his meetings there so I believe the person is very close to him. Lemme add that it was there I got to know I’m taller than him. And plssss no one should ask me what I went there to do for that many times I met Opana"

Justice Adoboe writes "JAK's enjoyment haven"

Chris Ackummey writes "The owner must be close to the seat of power or a member of the elephant family."

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