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10 Festivals Celebrated In The Volta Region

As with the other regions of Ghana, the Volta Region has its fair share of festivals. These festival are celebrated to remember some occurrence in the past.

Examples of such occurrences have been hunger, migration, purification of either gods or stools, etc. The ethnic group from the Volta region are know as Ewes. They have rich culture, beautiful tourist attractions like the Wli waterfalls, Mount Afadja and among others.

There are also prominent people from the Volta region who have helped this country (Ghana) in many diverse ways.

In this article, you will get to know some festivals celebrated by ewes living in the Volta region;

Hogbetsotso Festival

The Hogbetsotso festival (pronounced Hogbechocho) is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Anlo in the Volta region of Ghana. Some major Anlo towns include Anloga(capital), Keta, Kedzi, Vodza, Whuti, Tegbi, Dzita, Abor, Afiadenygba, Anyako, Konu, Alakple, Tsito, Atiavi, Deʋegodo, and many other villages.The celebration starts in the month of November at Anloga, which is the traditional and ritual capital of the Anlo state. 

This festival is celebrated to remember the heroic acts of some ewes who escaped from the bold mystical powers that liberated the Ewe-Dogbo people from the rule of tyrant King of Kings Torgbui Agorkorli of Nortsie in Togo. Nortsie is seen as the place of major exodus of the Anlo ancestry.

• Asogli Yam Festival (Teduduza)

Strating from mid- september, the chiefs and people of Asogli State Ho and its environs celebrate their annual yam festival. This is essentially a harvest festival.

It is celebrated to give thanks to God, the lesser gods and ancestors for a bumper harvest. It is an occasion to offer prayers for good health throughout the year and prosperity for all and to foster unity through forgiveness and reconciliation. Cooked yam is sprinkled at the various shrines.

This is done before any human being is allowed to cook and taste the real yam.

• Gbidukor Festival

The Gbidukor or Gbi State comprises two traditional areas; Hohoe and Peki. Hohoe area is referred to as Gbidzigbe or Gbi North and Peki area is known as Gbinyigbe or Gbi South.

The festival is celebrated to commemorate the exploits of the Gbi-Ewes of old.

New development projects are initiated.

• Agbamevorza ( Kente Festival)

The chiefs and people of Agotime Traditional area, a few kilometers east of Ho, who are Ga-Adangbes celebrate their annual Kente festival in August or September every year. This is a unique festival by all standards.

The Agotime people claimed they introduced the art of Kente weaving to present-day Ghana.

• Keta - Sometutuza

This festival takes place two weeks after the Hogbetsotso festival and is celebrated by the "SOME" people of Agbozume to commemorate the exodus from their original Home (Keta) and subsequent settlement at Agbozume. Activities of the festival include a display (exhibition) of different types of "Ewe Kente" cloth, traditional and woven textile.

• Dzawuwu Festival

In every February, the chiefs and people of the Agave traditional area celebrate their annual Dzawuwu festival at Dabala, their commercial centre. It is essentially a thanksgiving festival where special portion of food is sprinkled to the gods.

It also commemorates the bravery of the Agaves of the past who fought and won several wars.

• Sasadu Festival

In October, any of the four communities forming the SASADU: Saviefe, Akrofu Sovie and Alavanyo (on rotational basis) celebrate what is now known as SASADU festival.

It is a festival of pomp and pageantry meant to rekindle the fraternal relationship that exists between the four communities who are said to be of the same stock migrated from Notsie in Togoland.

• Amu (Rice) Festival

 This festival is celebrated for the harvest of brown rice around September or October.

The people of Avatime traditional Area in the Ho west district of the Volta region come together to Celebrate this festivital annually.

• Wli Falls Festival

The Chiefs and people of the three communities forming the Wli Traditional Area thus Agoviefe, Afegame and Todzi celebrate their Waterfall festival in September.

It is a festival to the Almighty God for being kind enough to them by providing a waterfall that is perennial and that provides sources of water for the community.

• Cassava Festival (Agbliza)

The people of Avenorpedo , Avenorpeme and Akati celebrate this festival. They are located in South side in Volta region.

The essential aspect of this festival is the exhibition of the various cassava products such as agbelikaklo , yakayake , cassava cake,gari , etc. It is believed that the local people have found over twenty uses for the cassava plant.

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