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How does it feel living in Dubai?

I’ve been living in Dubai since Jan/2009. I can say that living here has different stages.

In the beginning I was amazed by the luxury, by the skycrapers, the desert and food, many cultures mixed together, different people and languages. Sometimes you are driving beside a ferrari and others super cars… it’s a bit surreal sometimes.

But soon we get used to those things, and because Dubai is big, going to places is a bit difficult without a car or metro.

We can feel lonely because people from the same nationality tend to stick together, and also almost everybody is busy working so is not easy to meet, like, in our home country. If you isolate yourself from the world - what is easy to do it in here- it can be very boring living here.

We can feel bored one day and excited the other day.

Dubai offers so many options of things to do with your friends, family and even alone that we can choose what type of life we are gonna have here.

You have the desert and the beach, you have shopping malls and the green parks to enjoy… you have luxury and also the exotic simplicity of the old part of the city like karama and the souks… you can feel lonely or busy.

Now after writing so many things I give you my answer: I feel safe living here, I love Dubai. My son has born here and the hospitals are amazing. I love the options of food at the supermarkets because I am a vegetarian; and also I like where I live - Jumeirah Lakes Towers. We have everything around here!

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