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From Grass to Grace: The story behind Abetifi Stone Age Park.

Kwahu is noted for it's mountainous and hilly topography. This uniqueness of it's meandering roads, mountainous forests, paragliding site, serene and fogy ambience makes it a tourist hub for families within and without the country who may want to have a mountain top experience. Most of the towns in Kwahu are noted for their uniqueness and specialty in one way or the other. Obo for instance is noted for it's magnificent buildings and hence nicknamed Small London. Obomeng has also received a global recognition as results of Kwahu ooooo Kwahu; the popular annual Easter street carnival, and Aduamoah, for it's renowned tiger nut which is purported to boost the immune system.

One notable town which cannot be left unmentioned is Abetifi-Kwahu. This unique town since 1965 has been adjudged by the Ghana Institute of Surveyors as the Highest Habitable Place of Human Settlement in Ghana with an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level. This natural accolade has undoubtedly made the town a tourist center, and this fame coupled with other factors was the main catalyst which catapulted Owura Yaw Addo, a native of the town who by dint of hard work, distinguished himself as an international artist and lecturer in Germany, and after several years of service to the German society, resolved to come back to 'Macedonia' with his God-given artistic talent and experience gathered for so many years, to develop a century old debris and an abandoned place of convenience sited on his grandparent's family land into an ultra modern nature park Christened Abetifi Stone Age Park.

This recreational centre though not fully completed, is a beauty to behold as it portrays how serene, natural, raw, virgin, unadulterated and incorrigible nature is. It's now open for all programs: both secular and religious affordable fee.

Visiting the place for recreational purposes is free and therefore encourage all and sundry to come and experience what Kwahu Abetifi has to offer to the world through a patriot by name Owura Yaw Addo.

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