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Benefits Ghanaians Get at Home But Can't Access in Developed Countries

Several Ghanaians have had the perception that once you travel to the Western world or Europe, you become free and well off.

The main fact behind the issue is that, going there and staying there has several requirements, it isn't easy, getting a visa during these Coronavirus and LGBTI+ times.

One has to show your covid card before you are allowed into most countries. The white land is very developed and there are various things you cant just ignore or do without sanctions, it's like the university, you don't just get punished for being late but its noted down and reflects in your CGPA though not the final definition of your intelligence, attitude is important.

Firstly, Evading Tax: Some Ghanaians since they were born have never voluntarily paid tax till they were compelled, some have been paying indirect taxes without knowing, the only tax Ghanaians enjoy paying is the NHIS tax because they go to hospital at a cheaper rate, the other taxes Ghanaians pay with pain include fuel Taxes, Taxes on electricity and Vehicle Luxury Tax, the luxury tax was however scrapped after some time. In the USA and other European Countries, you can't dodge taxes its however mild in Ghana because once you are caught, you pay what you owe, in the States, you are sent before court and if possible jailed for that.

2. Downloading free Music and Videos: in the Western World and Europe, you cant just visit google to download music, you pay for songs, all the songs you enjoy here are blocked through IP addresses and cant be accessed over there you just have to pay to enjoy them including movies and softwares, so the plenty money you earn will go through that.

3. Dating Multiple Partners: in the states, one can be jailed or fined for marrying or dating multiple partners, your partner is even likely to shoot you if they find out you are cheating, ask R.Kelly of his end.

4. Roaming All Night on the Streets: One is not permitted to roam on the streets or openly urinate in the states, everything has to be planned to avoid that, once you are found loitering on the streets you can get arrested.

5.Evading Traffic: In the Western world you pay dearly for evading traffic, in Ghana you can be forgiven.

6. Throwing Plastics About: In the Western world you pay dearly for littering, there is even a jail term of not less than 5 years for that.

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