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Plane Crash

We May Do Away with Airplane Crashes with this New Airplane Concept Design. See photos.

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Plane crashes are amongst the deadliest accidents in the world where there is a very little chance of survival. It's a worry for everyone who flies or even if you don't, a family member or a loved one does, so we're all concerned. This has got engineers, aeroplane developers and designers all thinking of how to come up with something which will be more safe than the current Aeroplane concepts we fly.

The concept for a removable, parachute-equipped airplane cabin is only the latest in a long line of innovative designs.

How the concept works.

Ukrainian aviation engineer Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich has revealed a ‘detachable cabin’ concept (where passengers sit can be removed from the rest of the airplane body) to save lives in a plane crash.

This concept plane has a cabin that can be detached from the cockpit in case of an emergency. The pilot would have to push a button that allows the cabin with all the passengers and even cargo to separate from the rest of the plane.

The detached cabin will land safely on the ground or water with the help of attached parachutes, boosters, and rubber tubes. On landing, rubber tubes protrude to make sure that the passengers land smoothly on both land and water.

See the helicopter-aeroplane you won't believe exists

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