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The top 10 most beautiful flags in Africa.

The first symbol a country is easily identified with is its National flag. It is often regarded as the uniform of a country. With 54 countries on the African continent, I would like us to take a look at the 10 countries with the most beautiful flags in Africa. I know you are anticipating whether your country's flag will make it on the list or not. Kindly hit the follow button to get more updates.

1. The flag of Cape Verde

The flag of Cape Verde is considered as the most beautiful flag in the continent. It is designed with colour, white red and a group of stars.

2. The flag of South Africa

3.The flag of Kenya

4. The flag of Tanzania

5 The flag of Democratic Republic of Congo

6. The flag of Namibia

7. The flag of Uganda

8. The flag of Swaziland

9. The flag of Mozambique

Which country do you think must be at the 10th spot? Drop your comments,share and follow me for more updates.

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