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Top Five(5) Most Beautiful Tourist sites in Ghana.

There are several beautiful and interesting places in Ghana. These places are normally known as Tourists Sites. In today's article, let us look at top five beautiful and amazing tourist sites in Ghana.

#5. Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is one of the country's finest tourists sites. It is located it Kakum, a town closer to Cape Coast. It is a a canopy walk site. Tourist walk on lines attached to several trees raised in the air. It is very adventurous and scary. It is a very attractive a cool place to visit.

#4. Cape Coast Castle

This castle is a very beautiful place to visit. It is very beautiful and memorable. It is a place which gives memory of slavery in Ghana in the hands of the whites. It is located in Cape Coast. It was established in 1555. The building is painted all white and it equipped with weapons which was used to attack any evil coming from the sea.

#3. Boti Falls

Boti falls is a twin waterfall located at Boti in yilo krobo municipal district in the Eastern region of Ghana.

It has a total height if 30 meters.

#2. Akosombo Dam

This Dam is located in Akosombo. It is a hydro electric dam located on the Volta river. It is one of the biggest dams in the world. Many tourists visit this location each and every year.

#1. Nzulezu

This is one of the most loved tourists sites in Ghana. No wonder it made number on our list today. It is located in the Western region of Ghana. Nzulezu was built over Lake Tadane. The settlement of Nzulezo consists of stilt-supported structures. It is believed that the whole town was constructed on water in order to survive war in the olden days. Their main occupation is fishing.

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