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Interesting word(s) of old you wish you knew.

By Yondaclinz | self meida writer
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Aaron’s rod

Aaron’s rod, which became a serpent when he threw it down before Pharaoh, became the symbol of a magician’s power and was reproduced with an entwined serpent adorning it.


An ancient Egyptian magician.


This Scythian magician used his golden arrow to practice transvection through the air.

ABC of the devil Books used by sorcerers and others who practice black arts.


A monstrous demon.

abominable snowmen

A race of giants with supernatural powers said to have once inhabited the Himalayas.


A magic word expressed that has long been used in incantations to ward off sickness or bad luck.

Usually the inscription appears on an amulet in the form of an inverted pyramid, so that the first line reads: ABRACADABRA. Each succeeding line is diminished by one letter, the last line reading A.













The name of a demon used as a magic word. The seven letters of this word form the number 365, the number of days in the year.

Abraxas gems

In an amulet these gems were believed to ward off witchcraft. acquisition of magic power

In some countries, such as Malaya, people believe that occult power could be obtained by encountering the ghost of a murdered man or by performing specific rites by his grave.


A magic stone worn around the neck to give the wearer courage.


This Jewish physician wrote about the practice of physiognomy, divination based on facial features.

Adamantius lived in Constantinople during the reign of Constantine.


A modified Ouija board.


A seasoned occultist who has perfected his or her craft.


The president of the Supreme Council of the infernal empire.

advanced soul

A human being who has advanced spiritual development.


The spirit of wrath and inspirer of vengeance and evil.


In Eastern lore this is a demon that possess a corpse.


This witch was mentioned in the poem Iliad by Homer.


A Greek word for good demon.


This Kabbalistic term formed from Hebrew letters meaning “God will be great forever” was used in invoking demons.


An Arabian herb used by magicians to conjure demons.


A name for fire god.


This Siberian witch was responsible for causing women to have an extreme nervous condition.


A word in occult linguistics that means, “I-am-ness.”


In Zoroastrianism, Ahriman is known as the spirit of evil responsible for the operation of black magic.


Fear of cats.


The occult teaching that every thought and action (in the natural realm) that has taken place since the beginning of time is recorded in the akashic records—files located in the deepest parts of darkness. The information from these files can be obtained by those possessed with psychic power ability through a third eye.


This first-century Jewish rabbi was believed to be skilled in magic.

Akkadian-Chaldean inscriptions

These are the oldest magical documents known, engraved in Akkadian and Assyrian in the seventh century BC. They were exorcisms against evil of all kinds, including sickness, plagues, and demons.


A demon especially noted for cruelty and evil acts.


An art, based partly on mysticism and partly on experimentation, aimed at the transmutation of metals. It began in the second century after Christ and reached its greatest following in the Middle

Ages. Alchemy deals with the higher forces of nature and the conditions that they operate under. It teaches:

• The regeneration of the spiritual man

• The purification of the mind, will, and thought life

• That which relates to the faculties of the human soul


According to Arabian legend, when the city of Alexandria was being built, Alexander the Great used magicians to protect it against the nightly attacks of sea monsters.


The Arabic word for the devil.

All Hallow’s Eve—November 1st

Associated with supernatural situations, it is when witches and demons gather, and the spirits of the dead wander abroad. Many customs practiced during All Hallow’s Eve in Ireland and Northern Scotland still retain elements of the old Druidic nocturnal rites.


A powerful demon.


A demon that rules over fruit trees.


A female demon.


Any place set aside to fellowship with, make sacrifices to, or communicate with a god.


Among the ancient Teutonic tribes, female demons believed to have been of Hun origin.


The spirit that rules over the Eastern portion of the universe.

Amalaric, Madeline

Sixteenth-century French witch who was put to death because she supposedly caused the deaths of eleven people.


A powerful demon.


Means, “the concealed” in the occult world.


The strongest of all demons.


The supreme god of all Egypt, considered to be the creator of the universe.


This word stems from an Arabic root meaning, “to carry,” said to be something with magical powers that is carried or worn upon the person. Some amulets were inscribed with a magic formula. It works as a protection against black magic, the evil eye, imprisonment, loss of property, and similar calamities. Some amulets contain a gem, parts of an animal, or other “magic” objects.

One of the most frequent types of formula is the magic square:

4 9 2

3 5 7

8 1 6


A powerful demon ruler of the infernal regions.


A stone that is used to call up water spirits.


A demon considered the harbinger of bad tidings.


A stone used in conjuring demons.


A Kabbalistic term inscribed on parchment as a protection against disease.

ancestral worship

A religion based on the belief that the spirits of dead ancestors have powers to protect and bless those in their bloodline who continue to pay homage to them.

Ancient Britain

In Ancient Britain the most famous sorcerers were Menw, Eid-dilic the Dwarf, and Math.


In the Infernal Empire this is an arch-demon.


A clone or human being produced by any other means than natural birth.


A witch doctor in Eskimo society.


In Madagascar this is the name for the devil in the form of a serpent.


The study of angels.


In Icelandic legend, a sword possessed of magic properties.


In ancient times certain creatures were always associated with magic rites, including owls, hyenas, frogs, moles, lizards, chameleons, and weasels.

animal magnetism

An aura that emanates from men, animals, and objects for the purpose of releasing supernatural powers (based on mysticism, occultism, and esoteric teaching).

animal soul

The personalized desire in a man as an individual.


The belief that all objects possess life and energy to communicate.


The belief that animals, plants, and objects are animated and have reason and will just as humans do.


A cross shaped like a T with an oval loop on the top of it; called the symbol of life in Egyptian culture.

animate, inanimate

It was a common practice among magicians from the East to turn inanimate objects into living creatures and back to inanimate objects.

anointing oil (demonic)

Witches anointed themselves with oil made by crushing verbena or mint leaves and steeping them overnight in olive oil, then squeezing the mixture through a cloth several times until ready to use.


A sorcerer who was notorious for taking part in Sabbat assemblies during the reign of Henry IV of France.


The eating of human flesh. Witches in the Middle Ages were credited with eating the flesh of humans.


The spirit that opposes and comes against everything and anything that relates to Jesus Christ the Messiah.


This was a black coral used in magic for warding off evil influences.


An astrological term that denotes disharmony of two bodies that rule in opposite signs (relates to horoscopes).


The Babylonian god of heaven that controls destinies; also an Assyrian god.


The ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal. He is said to be the son of Osiris. This god:

• Rules over the rituals of burying the dead

• Leads the souls of the dead to the hall of judgment

• Sits on the throne in the hall of judgment to weigh the hearts of those who stand before the eternal judgment seat


In Egyptian demonology Apep was a monstrous demon, usually represented as a crocodile, that could be destroyed by burning a wax figure of him. He reportedly led the other demons in an assault against the sun.


The Egyptian god with the head of a bull; this god is literally considered to be the incarnation of Osiris.

Apollonius of Tyana

A first-century Greek philosopher who traveled as far as India in search of esoteric knowledge. He was charged and tried for practicing divination from the entrails of a boy sacrificed for that purpose.


Rituals used as defensive or protective magic.


A supernatural appearance of a ghost or spirit being, especially in séances.


A Roman writer of the second century after Christ who wrote a series of novels packed with fantastic episodes about evil characters. The novels included magic transformations, mysterious dream sequences, occult rites, enchantments, and other varieties of witchcraft.


An angel noted in Hebrew mysticism to preside over the waters.


This manual of magic was published in the sixteenth century.

arcanum arcanorum

Latin term that means, “secret of secrets.”


A Semitic female demon that copulated with human males.


One who practices divination by using an altar.

Arnold of Villanova

A thirteenth-century physician who traveled in Europe and Africa. Arnold was interested in the occult, the interpretation of dreams, and alchemy. He relied largely on Kabbalistic symbols, occult invocations, and herbal concoctions of magic significance. He was also reputed to have had face-toface communication with satanic powers.


A second-century Egyptian sorcerer.


A means of gaining magical knowledge known in biblical times.

“For the king of Babylon stands at the parting of the road, at the fork of the two roads, to use divination” (Ezek. 21:21). He made bright arrows, consulted with images, and looked in the liver for knowledge. He filled his quiver with arrows on which he had written the names of enemies. When he drew out an arrow, he directed it at the enemy whose name had been inscribed on it.


Artephius lived in the twelfth century and was reputed to have lived more than a thousand years due to the aid of demons. He wrote The Art of Prolonging Life, allegedly, at the age of 1,025.

artificial omen

An omen that may or may not happen because of human will or actions.


A Chaldean sorcerer and a diviner.


A sorcerer who foretold that dogs would devour the emperor; his prediction happened.


Magic ashes for purification purposes are described in Numbers 19:10: “And the one who gathers the ashes of the heifer shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until evening. It shall be a statute forever to the children of Israel and to the stranger who dwells among them.” The ashes are those of a unblemished red heifer that has been sacrificed.


A fertility goddess noted in the Bible; also known as Astarte, Ishtar (Babylonian), Ashtoreth (Canaan).


In the ancient African kingdom of Dahomey, Asiza were spirits who dwell in the forest and give magic powers to man.


In Hebraic legend Asmodeus is the king of the demons. Asmodeus’s queen is Lilith. Pictorially

Asmodeus is represented with three heads, goose feet, and a snake’s tail. Among his activities are making men invisible and revealing hidden treasures.


Disembodied spirit as identified by the Greeks.

Ashmole, Elias

An English alchemist of the seventeenth century.


Fortune-telling based on a supposed influence of the position of the sun, moon, stars, and planets.

astral body

The spirit body inside the gross (physical) body of human beings; it is connected by the silver cord (like an astronaut to a space ship) until death, when the cord is cut.

astral light

The idea of spirit, and of divine light and material of the spirit plane, is referred to as astral, the aura that hovers around a person.

astral plane

The definition of a plane is a level of existence. Each plane has its own rules, and if an entity wants to exist in a particular plane, the entity must respect the rules of the plane. The astral plane is like an extension of the physical plane and a transition place or doorway to access other planes.

astral projection

Separation of the astral body from the physical (gross) body while the astral body is connected by the silver cord (for spirit travel).

astral shell

The gross (physical) body after the astral body has projected into spirit travel.

astral sphere

The astral world.

astral world

The first sphere of existence after the astral body leaves the gross body and the silver cord is cut (death).


A consecrated knife with a black-hilted handle into which magic symbols are inscribed. Witches use an athame for drawing a magic circle to invoke demons.


Sacred Hindu literature composed of magical recitations to ward off evil.


Fortune-telling by means of interpreting omens.


A psychic presence that emanates from humans, animals, and inanimate objects.


In Persian demonology, Austatikco-Pauligaur is known as a monstrous demon.

automatic drawing

The production of a drawing through a supernatural means without conscious control, usually by a medium.

automatic painting

The production of a painting through a supernatural means without conscious control, usually by a medium.

automatic speech

Speech through a supernatural manifestation without the conscious control of the person speaking, usually by a medium.

automatic writing

The production of a writing or script through a supernatural means without conscious control, usually by a medium.


Means “divine incarnation.”


A fifteenth-century Jewish astrologer who computed the coming of a Hebraic Messiah.


To be unaware of true reality.


Aza and Azael, chiefs of the fallen angels, taught magic to men.


The angel that rebelled against God; another name for Lucifer.


The creature of the desert that the Hebrews sent their scapegoats to for their sins on the Day of Atonement.


It is believed that the demon Belphegor is named after this god. Baal Peor is a Moabite god who was said to have stopped the children of Israel from entering into the Promised Land; also called the Lord of the opening.

Baal Zaphon

A demon of the infernal empire.


The Roman god of wine, festivity, and revelry; the official god of Mardi Gras.


An ancient Greek seer of Boeotia, mentioned by Cicero. Anyone who professed to have the ability to see into the future often assumed the name of Bacis.

backward magic

This form of magic includes reciting certain formulas or passages backward in order to counteract or produce magic effects. Incantations were chanted backward, mystical names reversed, words written backward. The recital of a particular formula backward gave the person the power to assume any shape he desired.

Bacon, Roger (1214–1294)

An English Franciscan friar, philosopher, and scientist whose voluminous writing emphasized the experimental approach to knowledge and who attacked traditional human delusions and superstitions.

Gifted with scientific perceptiveness, Bacon accepted what is called natural magic, the phenomena within the fields of mathematics and physics, but he rejected the black arts as sinister and destructive media. He consistently challenged the fabrication of pseudo-magical and mystic apparitions, the invocation of spirits, and the effectiveness of charms and incantations. However, Bacon was widely acclaimed as a magician for centuries.


A sorcerer and necromancer among the Tonkinese.


A supreme demon of the infernal empire.


In the infernal hierarchy Balan is a powerful demon ruler.

Balcoin, Marie

During the reign of Henry IV, this French sorceress was condemned to the stake because she practiced witchcraft.


A demon in the form of a goat’s head with a man’s upper torso, which is used as a symbol to worship Satan.


In Polynesian demonology Barau is known as a sorcerer.


A demon associated with forests, who knew the past and the future and had kind or helpful tendencies.


A Hebraic demon that haunts rooftops.

Barrett, Francis

An early-nineteenth-century professor of chemistry in London who lectured on the Kabbalah and magic. He also gave private instruction in the occult arts. In 1801 he published The Magus, in which he describes on a comprehensive scale the characteristics of demons’ conjurations, spells, and necromancy.


Bundles of tamarind, pomegranate, or date twigs carried by the ancient Persian priests for protection against witches and demons.


A kind of magic practiced by Greek magicians that caused people to see opposite: for example, a black object appearing as white, or a pretty face ugly.


Basilides is the founder of a Gnostic sect. He belonged to Alexandria, in the second century after Christ.

bath of immortality

A regimen for ensuring immortality according to the wizard Menander, the successor to Simon Magus.


A Turkish demon called upon to guarantee fine weather or rain.

Bavan, Madeleine

A seventeenth-century sorceress widely known for her activities at the Sabbat.


In the infernal regions Bayemon is a powerful demon monarch.


A spirit from Arabic mythology who helps messages to be transmitted to their destination; also called Beduh and Baduh.


Egyptians believed beans were endowed with magical properties. Black beans were used as an offering to the infernal gods.


A demon with the power to control the wind and storms.

Beast 666

The Book of Revelation speaks of the demonic trinity, which consists of the false prophet, the Antichrist, and the beast (the number of this beast is 666 or, in Hebrew letters, WWW).

Beckford, William

The eighteenth-century author of Vathek, who also dabbled in Oriental magic, Kabalistic lore, and demonology in general.


A sovereign demon of the infernal empire.


Demonologists believed that a person who ate a queen bee could endure torture without confessing to the practice of witchcraft.


A demon that appears as a huge animal, noted as a hippopotamus in the Book of Job (chapter 40).

The Bible says that his strength is in his loins. This spirit manifests itself through a spirit of uncontrollable gluttony—his eyes are bigger than his belly.


The Babylonian name for Baal; a part of the demonic trinity:

• Anu—god of the heavens

• Bel—god of the earth

• Ea—god of the waters


A Chaldean astrologer who accurately predicted that Alexander the Great’s entry into Babylon would prove to be fatal.


The prince of the devils.


A stone believed to make the bearer invisible on the battlefield.


This demon, adorned with a beard, a gaping mouth, and phallic-like tongue, was obscenely worshipped.

beneficent magic

White magic or magic considered to be for a good cause.


Hebrew demons who haunt women during childbirth with the intention of stealing the newborn



A devil-worshipping cult of India.


The “Duke of Hell.”

Berosus of Cos

An astrologer of the first century who reportedly wrote a large number of grimoires (demonicliterature).


The demon that is said to be able to counter witchcraft; mostly conjured by so-called white witches or root workers that people visit to reverse curses. Bes is also called the god of pleasure.


The casting of an evil spell, mostly to blind the mind or to cage a person’s mind to distort their perception.


Found in the entrails of certain animals, this precious stone possesses magical properties.

Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal de Paris

This library contains manuscripts of mediaeval grimoires and other treaties on black magic.


This demon is called the “white god” of Slavonic mythology and is said to have the power of good to oppose evil; related to a type of white or protective magic.

black book

A book created to worship the devil in Kurdistan; also called The Book of the Yezidi.

black fire

Absolute wisdom that the natural mind or a natural man cannot grasp.

black magic

Abusive use of supernatural powers for evil or selfish desires; necromancy, sorcery, etc.

black mass

A secret gathering in the honor of Satanic worship.

black shaman

A shaman that uses his power for evil purposes and operates in the darkest of arts with the goal to kill, steal, and destroy.

blasting rod

A thunder rod.


The name used for an evil spirit in Scotland.


A demon of terrifying appearance.

Book of Changes

A Chinese collection of information that explains the art of divination.

Book of Splendor

The first writings of the Kabbalah, created in the thirteenth century.

Book of the Dead

Egyptian writings of magic, rituals, and myths that were found on papyrus, tombs, and monuments.

Book of the Keys

An ancient work of the Kabbalah.

borderline state

A mental state that is said to be the first stage of transition from the material plane of existence to eternity when the body dies.


A name given to demons skilled in geometry, herbal lore, and astrology.


In Africa these sorcerers have the power to prevent the growth of rice.


In Malayan magic certain birds, particularly nocturnal birds such as the night owl and the shroudtearer, announce impending death by their harsh notes.


In African demonology Bitabas is known as a sorcerer.

Biscar, Jeannette

Jeannette Biscar was a sorceress whom the devil, in the form of a goat, transported to a Sabbat.


A sorcerer in African demonology.

black books

Black books refer to collections of grimoires or manuals on magic. Among the most remarkable black books are:

• The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, printed in 1629 in Rome

• Little Albert

• Red Dragon

• Hell’s Coercion, attributed to Dr. Faustus

• The Great Grimoire

• Sanctum Regum

• The Black Pullet

• The Great and Powerful Sea Ghost, by Dr. Johann Faustus black magic, white magic

Black magic is used for evil purposes, and white magic is supposedly used for good. It should be noted that all magic is an abomination and against the principles of God.

Black Mass

This mass is held in the devil’s honor at the Witches’ Sabbat and on other occasions.


Considered sorcerers in Abyssinian legend.

blasting rod

Used by magicians to subdue spirits.

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