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Plane Crash

Reason why aeroplanes are sprayed immediately they land at the airport

Humans do get a salute so do planes. This is odd right. Well let us find out why planes do get spayed whenever they land at the airport. Planes are being sprayed at the airport not because they are dirty but they want to salute the plane. But the question is; why will they do that, why will they salute a plane with water.

The reason is that, when an aeroplane is built, it is not expected to stay or be in existence forever. It must be out of use for some Years after operation. It normally has a short period since it is a plane as compared to cars. Once a plane or a pilot flies his or her last flight, once he lands, authorities must salute that plane with water. 

It is also a tradition to congratulate new pilots on their first official flight.

This is done by splashing water all over plane with two different water splashing vehicles at different ends of the plane.

This is a way to honour the plane and the pilot.

This is the main reason why planes are saluted. This process also help reduce the heat level of the plane as it has worked for long.

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