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Ghana is beautiful. See pictures of Ghana's three National Parks with Canopy Walkways

In Ghana there are several tourist and recreational centres one can use as a simple get away to relax after a long week of work and stress. Some of these include the Kakum National Park, Legon Botanical Gardens and the Oti Waterfalls. But what makes all these three unique yet similar in their own ways? One particular feature runs through all these three recreational centres. They all have a Canopy Walk of various lengths and height. If you've never visited any of these then this is a good opportunity to have a feel of each of the three Canopy Walkways. If you've visited any, then these pictures would also serve as a good memory freshener as you scroll through. Below are images from the three Canopy Walks for you to make informed decisions in case you plan of visiting any of them soon.

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The Kakum National Park is one of the best national parks for recreation in West Africa specifically Ghana. Covering an area of 375 km, it is located in the Central Region of Ghana about....hour drive from Accra. It has the Canopy Walkway which is a 2.7 kilometer offering you the chance to experience wildlife at a first sight as you walk on. As you walk on, there are several stops to help you relax along the way as you progress. But the catchy part of this Canopy Walk is that the furthur you walk, the higher you go up the ropes and yeah, there's no turning back once you complete the first walk you keep going until you've finally completed the entire trip.


The Legon Botanical Gardens, as the name suggests is located in Accra, specifically Legon, sharing boundaries with the University of Ghana. It was established in 1948, owned by the University of Ghana. In 2017, the garden was given a facelift to serve as a tourist site to allow for various recreational activities. It is a very good location for family get away. It has many facilities which includes a nursery, a 153-metre long canopy walkway, a high rope course, the Vaughan dam where you can have a canoe ride, a playground. Other areas include a Fire Belt, the Rock Garden, the Arboretum, the Woodlands, the Royal Palm Avenue, the Shrubbery and Mango Lane. 

Below are some reviews from users of the Gardens 

Clarence Ansah: "High Rope Course, Canopy Walk, Vaughan Dam, Lot of fun activities to do. I'll recommend this place for your picnics fishing, meditation or if you just want to walk in a serene environment"

Ihebuzo Nwankwo: "The Legon Botanical Garden is super amazing. Best time to get there is the early morning between 8am and 12noon when tje weather isn't too hot. There is a canopy walk, beautiful colourful play ground for children and a rope walk session. One of ultimate best time places in Accra".

Zakaria Mohammed Suhuyini: "It is a wonderful place to be. I recommend the rope course there for everyone be it adult or kid, its impact is so great".


The Oti Waterfall is located in Amedzofe in Ho, the capital city of the Volta Region. Located at about 37km away from the Ho municipality, the waterfall is about 80m tall and was formed naturally on a canyon-rock. As part of its side attraction is the Amedzofe Canopy Walkway, located near to the waterfall. This Walkway is different from the Legon Walkway but quite similar to the Walkway at the Kakum National Park. What makes this a little unique from the Kakum Canopy Walkway is the Waterfall this canopy offers. You get the opportunity to view the natural scenic of a waterfall as you walk on the ropes. It's another one of the many tourist attractions within the Volta Region of Ghana. With the introduction of an Airport in the Volta Region, travelling to the Canopy Walk should take much lesser time than it used to be.

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