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Check out the tribe with weird cultural practices

There are several tribes in Africa. There are 42 tribes in Kenya alone. Different tribes have distinct traditions and cultural practices that differentiate them from one another. At the same time, some tribes are hostile to outsiders, while others are very friendly. Pokot tribes in Kenya, for example, are known for being aggressive to outsiders, while Kenya's coastal tribes are known for being friendly.

There is a very violent tribe in Ethiopia with a very special culture. Since the tribe is hostile to other tribes, they are forced to live alone in a national park, and visitors must be accompanied by guards.

The Mursi or Mun tribe is a small Ethiopian ethnic group with an estimated population of 11,500 people. They live in Mago National Park, Ethiopia's most remote place. Because of their attitude toward outsiders and their culture, they are considered Africa's most dangerous ethnic group.

The clay plate custom is a symbol that women in that culture are beautiful and important. The will the plate, the more beautiful the woman is, and the higher the bride price a man can pay during the wedding. Around the age of 15, a young girl's lower lip is cut to create a loop-like ring of the lip muscles as she reaches adulthood. It grows longer and longer as it heals to fit a small clay plate.

This tribe is very dangerous because they have killed a large number of people who have attempted to visit them without permission. They are also unwelcoming and have a negative attitude toward others. Without permission and protection, you are not permitted to visit this tribe. One of the things that makes them dangerous is their cruel culture against women. Take a look at some of the photos of the barbaric culture's treatment of women.

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