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Check out the Wonderful Life Style of Ants, Our Tiny Neighbours That You Never Knew.

In our residences and workplace sometimes, when we take a close look at the floors and walls we observe nature's tiny and beautiful creatures called ants. Yes, Ants.

Have you aside from the worry that you think these creatures come with, wondered how hard-working they are and how they live?

Think about it.

Check at the corner of your yard and will find a mold of soil with an entrance, that's the nest of ants. By the way, do you know that ants live in kingdoms? And in that kingdom, many ants are vigorously working under a queen ant.

In that nest, there are many chambers forming the kingdom in which eggs and larvae are being raised. So on your compound, you can have several ant kingdoms and the beauty about them is that they never get lost in locating their home.

The chambers in an ants' nest, includes a chamber for the queen ant (mother ant), chambers for worker ants who go out to work, chambers for the care of larvae, food storage chambers, and others for waste and other purposes. To protect the queen, her chamber is located at the bottom of the kingdom.

Only the mother ant (queen ant), workers, larvae, and eggs are found in the nests for the majority of the year, but winged male and female ants can be seen at certain times of the year.

In the kingdom establishment, only the workers perform that and carry out other tasks that help the kingdom to survive. Worker ants per their role also clean the eggs and usually feed the larvae and the queen.

After the kingdom is established, a male and female ant go on what we call 'marriage flight', mating ceremony. The young queen after mating with the male becomes an egg-laying specialist.

During the marriage flight, the male partner transfers to the seminal receptacle of the queen all the sperm cells that she will need for the rest of her life. Yes, just one mating gives a lifetime sperm needed to fertilise millions of eggs. Queen ants may live an average of 10 to 15 years.

Ain't you intrigued to know more of these tiny creatures?

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Wonderful Life Style of Ants


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