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These 5 roads are considered as death traps (see photos)

Traveling is important, and roads are one of the most effective modes of transportation. A great deal of advanced engineering and construction techniques are needed to build the best roads. 

Some highways, however, are more dangerous than others, prompting one to wonder why they were built in the first place. 

So here are five of the world's most dangerous routes, as well as where to find them. 

Himalayan Highways 

This is one of the world's most dangerous routes, which run through India and Tibet and are built straight into the Himalayan Mountains.

The Kings Highway

If you enjoy road trips, then this winding, uneven-surfaced road with deadly heat is for you. Jordan is where you'll find it. 

Gibb River Road

This highway can be found in Australia. It's also one of the scariest and most dangerous roads in the world for drivers who want to put their courage to the test, because if you break down while going across it, be prepared for some crocodiles to greet you.

Guoliang Tunnel Road

This road was established in the 1970s in China. While it is less than a mile long, it has the potential to become the longest road you have ever driven on. The good news is that you can brake and look at the mounting sides when driving if you dare. 

Fairy Meadows Road

If the image alone isn't enough to convince you to turn around and return home, allow me to introduce you to the Fairly Meadows lane. If you don't mind the steepness, gravel, and extreme narrowness, you can have a good time driving on this Pakistani route.

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