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Damango, the Savannah region of Ghana.

Damango is located in the Savannah region which was created by Constitutional Instrument one hundred and fifteen of 2019. It is the town capital in the West Gonja Municipal. Damango is governed traditionally by the overlord of the Gonja Kingdom, the "Yagbonwura". It has some very important tourist sites there too. These tourist sites are the Larabanga Mosque(one of the oldest mosque in West Africa) and the Mole National Park which has wide range of wild animals like elephants, buffalos, antelopes, warthogs, baboons etc.

In the township of Damango, one noticeable thing is their mode of transport which is mostly motorcycle. There are other modes of transportation but using the motorcycle is the most common. What is fascinating about this, is the fact that not only men ride these motorcycles like you'll see in other regions in Ghana, but most of the women there ride it too. These women look very comfortable and confident on the motorcycles. In as much as it is fascinating to see the women in this part of Ghana ride motorcycles, it is also very worrying and dangerous that a lot of them have no helmet on. Some of these women do ride the motorcycles with their children behind them with no helmet on which is very dangerous. It is much safer to ride a motorcycle with a helmet on.

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