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Planning To Go To Italy On Boat From Libya Through The Mediterranean Sea, See What Happened To Them

Nowadays, people's want to pass through any means, either good or bad to reach their destination, without thinking of the outcome of the process. Traveling by boat on sea from a country to the other country is now common.

Some people's used to travel all the to Libya, just to pass through the Mediterranean sea to Italy, all in the name of lack of jobs in their countries. If you are willing to Italy using boat from Libya, you must take note of these things before you make your mind.

Firstly, take note that you are not the only to travel by the boat but many, which can cause the boat to turn upside down due to overweight of the people's. As the ship can turn upside down, it can also claim lives, which is bad.

Secondary, don't think that your country lacks job opportunities but rather create a job yourself. Example, you can choose to say, sell watches and spectacles with whatever capital in hand than to travel and suffer.

Lastly, if you want to do so, do it on the right way. Just go through all the legal process and collect a visa and then, off you go.

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