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Mystery Behind Why Witches Fly With Plantain Leaves And Benefit Of Using Plantain Leaves

Thank you so much for the love you have for my articles. In every article I write, I make sure I reveal some hidden secrets to my followers so that they can understand the meaning of creation. Today we are on the myth of plantain leaves and why witches prefer to use the plantain leaves when they are embarking on a long journey to destroy.

Every plant has its nature as we all can bear witness. But what makes a plantain plant an exception is its double life feature. Every plant with a double life feature has a spiritual background. Let us not get confused. Here is a scenario, it is not every plant you can eat in its green state, for example, Banana, orange, pear, mango, because all these have one life feature and you have to wait for them to get ripped.

But looking at plantain, plantain has a double life feature because even if it is green it can be eaten, and if by mistake it is not eaten when it was green, plantain can still be eaten when it is ripped. This makes plantain a special plant amid all other plants.

The reason why Witches choose plantain leaves is that plantain contains a particular liquid that can be used with a particular spell to go invisible when flying in the sky. The plantain leaves give them protection when they are flying across the great oceans. The ocean contains great spirits (mermaids) and other demons which make it difficult for witches to cross fly over them. But with the help of the plantain leaves, witches can cross these oceans without being spotted.

Plantain has both spiritual and health benefits. In this article, I shall give you both the spiritual and health benefits of plantain leaves. These are;

  1. Plantain lease can be used together with another plant to find the cause of unexplainable occurrence.
  2. It helps in blood clotting.
  3. It is used to find the cause of retrogression in a business.
  4. Plantain leaves are used to treat stomach ulcer.
  5. The yellowish plantain leaves are used together with prekese to prevent nightmares.
  6. Plantain has been considered to be a remedy for cough.
  7. It can be used to control inflamed skin.
  8. Plantains are also rich in potassium. This nutrient can help with high blood pressure because it helps work against the sodium in your diet.
  9. Likewise, their vitamin B6 content may reduce cardiovascular risk and improve mood.

In my next lesson, I shall give my readers directions on how to use the plantain to fight against witches and prevent instant deaths with a particular plant.

I believe my readers have learnt something mysterious today. I shall be giving my readers the directions on how to use plantain leaves to cure their illness in the comment section. I will warmly reply to every question asked by my cherished readers.

Thank you so much for your time on my articles. Please if you love my work, share, comment, like and follow to keep me motivated to continue this work for you.

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