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My only wish was to board a plane, but I was disappointed; Saudi Arabia felt like a prison

Saudi Arabia-based Ghanaian Seth Williams has disclosed that he wanted to be the first person to board a plane, even if it was a domestic flight. 

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Seth disclosed that nothing else mattered apart from his making his wish come true. According to Seth, his job offer letter stated that his salary was 750 Riyals (GHS1500), but he was indifferent. 

“I did not travel because of the money. My motive was to travel abroad. I liked how my friend looked when he came back to Ghana, so I wanted to go too. 

Because no one in my family had traveled before, I wanted to board a plane, even if it was from Accra to Kumasi. I could not miss that opportunity,” he disclosed.

However, upon arrival, Seth was disappointed in the kind of job and the hours he spent working. 

 “The agent will not tell you where exactly you will work. So when I got here, I was disappointed. I cried like a baby. In Ghana, I could have everything I wanted, but it wasn’t the same here. 

All we do is work. It felt like a prison, and I was sad. It took three months for me to adjust,” Seth told DJ Nyaami, host of Daily Hustle Worldwide.

Despite his initial dissatisfaction, Seth stated that he is content with where he is now. Moreover, “I may have been arrested if I were in Ghana.”

Kindly watch the full interview On YouTube: SVTV Africa

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