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Ghana Millionaires’ Club: Checkout The Ghanaians Who Own These Private Jets.

Business moguls, Daniel McKorley owner of McDan group of companies and Ibrahim Mahama, owner of Engineers And Planners, as well as many other business are among the few money bags in the country who are owners of private jets. There is the belief that there are many others but who like to stay low profile and enjoy their wealth in peace.

Mr. Mckorly’s jet, which arrived in the country not too long ago is believed to be eventually converted to a passenger jet for the aviation side of his business. The aircraft, which is in navy blue color with a red stripe

Ibrahim Mahama on the other hand has a grey a Bombardier 604 luxury private with the head of a lion at the tail.

All over the world, the super rich have certain iconic symbolisms which give an idea of the level of wealth they have built.

There are some who go the extra mile to even by yachts to cement their status. However in Ghana, there are many self made millionaires but because of our reserved nature opt to stay far off the public eye as well not draw attention to their wealth. So even though some of these people can afford these super toys, they prefer to keep things simple and live in the country incognito.

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