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Make Asylum Visas for LGBT People in Foreign Countries -Sonnie Badu

UK based gospel musician and Pastor Sonnie Badu have suggested that all the Western countries who are advocating for the repeal of the anti-gay bill in Ghana’s Parliament do the needful. According to the musician, America and the likes should create asylum visas and take all LGBTQI+ people away from Ghana. This will circumvent any LGBTQI+ person from getting his/her fundamental human rights curtailed. Besides, a recent poll in Ghana revealed that over 93% of Ghanaians don’t tolerate anything about LGBTQI+ people. Therefore, it is possible that the bill will be passed into law.

All the foreign countries that want to enforce that law should make asylum visas available so those who are practising it will travel to all respective countries to live permanently, and also get better medication for diseases like HIV, and better Men's dross should they need it ... (G9 lol people go turn LGBT by force) because life can be hell in Africa where basic human right privileges are denied; but on the serious note it will bring peace” Sonnie Badu

However, social media commenters have projected the number of people who will turn gay at that instance for the purpose of leaving the country. According to Yvonne Mia: “I swear enka 97% of the Ghanaian population will turn into gays by force, they should let them be here ooh so that we can insult them like this whenever we are bored.”

This is possible because many youths in Ghana have lost hope in the country. Their future is less promising because politicians have toyed with our future for a long. Today, there are no proper plans for the youth in Ghana. Decisions are taken with the next election in mind, not the next generation. Thus, there are so many unemployed graduates. That’s why people have resorted to travelling abroad for greener pastures. If this opportunity comes, it is definitely true that 97% of Ghanaians will join the plane to leave the country. Check out how other Ghanaians reacted to the matter.

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