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15 Things That Only Happen In South Korea

After visiting South Korea, some people feel like they've just come back from another planet. You won’t believe how many crazy mind-blowing things you can find there.

The locals call their nation “Goryeo”, which means “high and clear”, and this country clearly knows how to surprise!

Compared with any other nation, Korean people have the biggest desire to change the way they look.

Many Koreans are ready and willing to undergo huge complicated surgeries. The male population in South Korea spends over $900 million on cosmetics every year. You can shop till 4 in the morning.

Blood type compatibility can be a very important criterion when choosing a potential spouse. South Koreans are crazy about sweet potatoes and honey butter chips.

People tend to open up after they’ve had a couple of glasses of soju (a traditional hard liquor), even the shyest ones.

When a baby is born in South Korea, it's already considered one year old.

-Anyone born in South Korea is classified at birth according to their blood type.

-South Koreans are crazy about sweet potatoes.

-Shopping is a favorite pastime activity in South Korea, and Seoul boats some of the largest malls in the whole world.

-There are several couples-related holidays on the14th: June 14th is Kiss Day, and on December 14th, Koreans celebrate Hug Day.

-More than 20% of men use makeup on a regular basis.

-When a baby is born in South Korea, it's already considered one year old.

-Most Koreans believe that if you sleep with a fan on, you will die.

-South Koreans are by far Asia’s heaviest drinkers.

-Your guests will bring all the household supplies you need to your housewarming party.

-South Koreans love showing off their relationships.

-Marriages come in two types: chungmae (arranged) and yonae (for love).

-South Koreans have been the biggest credit card users in the world since 2011.

-White and gray taxis provide basic service, and their drivers are qualified but potentially inexperienced.

-Love motels are extremely popular hotels with tiny, outrageously decorated rooms.

-Plastic surgery isn’t just widespread in this country, it’s completely normal.

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