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10 Mysterious Things That You May Not Know About.

10 Mysterious Things That You May Not Know About. 



Do you know that Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the whole world which is built by Samsung having 124 floors. A worker still cleans the windows of the 124th floor of the burj Khalifa. 


Do you know that the animal in the Firefox logo is not actually a fox but it's a red panda.


Do you know that Humans being are the onlyanimals that enjoy foods that are spicy?


Can you imagine that these two bullets collided in the battle of gallipoli in year 1916?The chances that this particular occurrence can occur is just one in a billion.


If you live in particular area of the world it's logically illegal to forget your wife's birthday. In Samoa, it is basically illegal to not to remember your wife's birthday, although no one usually take this into consideration unless the wife is angry with you and that she reports it to the police. Moreover, just saying "Happy Birthday" is enough to proves that you didn't forget.


At the span of 200 years, three ships sink in same location in the coast of Wales, virtually on the same day which is December 5th and unfortunately each of the three sink ships had only one survivor.

Funnily, the three survivors all had the same name Hugh Williams.


Do you know that Gustave is a big male crocodile from Burundi. He is known for being a man-killer and eater .This crocodile was believed to have killed as many as 300 people from the shores of Ruzizi River and the northern banks of Tanganyika. 


Do you know that If your camera ever gets stolen anywhere, just You can upload some few old photo from an external storage from the stolen camera, this will show you if anyone has been using the camera to post images with that particular serial number on the internet.


Batuli Lamichhane was born in the month of March 1903 and she started smoking when sat the age of 17.

At 115 year old she smokes 2 packs of the cigarettes, 250 cc spirit after every meal, after advicing her to stop this smoking and drinking habit she said, " all the previous doctors who usually advised me to quit smoking and drinking had already died before me". And she do claims it's her everyday habit that has given her the privilege to outlive most people in her village and even including her own children.


Can you imagine that an Iranian teacher decides to drives a village to teach his only student but on getting there, she found no board to write on, thereby improvise by using his car as a white board to teach.

Hope you find this enlighten. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to follow up and comment and share this post. Thanks God bless.

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