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Discover the Beautiful Dodi Princess Boat on the Volta Lake

Dodi Princess was a cruise boat on Lake Volta in South Ghana. It was owned by the Volta River Authority and under the management of Volta Hotels. It was the only cruise ship in Ghana.It was built as a cargo ship and later converted into a passenger ship in 1991.

The ship was replaced with the 176-passenger restaurant ship, Dodi Princess II, built in Akosombo, Ghana by Onur Makina of Istanbul, Turkey.

The ship was built in 1977 at the Tema Shipyard and christened Grains Maid. The vessel was used mainly for the transportation of dry cargo and agricultural products including fertilizer. A typical voyage upstream would carry goods from Akosombo to Yeji in the Brong-Ahafo Region and Buipe in the northern part of Ghana and its downstream voyage would return with yam and grains to the southern part of the country. Grains Maid sailed on the lake from its commissioning in the late 1970s to the late 1980s when its commercial services declined due to financial constraints. After months of low patronage of its services, the vessel was abandoned at the port of Akosombo.

The ship cruised Lake Volta. A typical cruise took passengers through scenery and landed at Dodi Island.

After the May 2013 destruction, Volta Hotels Limited contracted Bluefone Marine Company, a Ghanaian-based marine construction company, to reconstruct the vessel at a cost of 1.3 million dollars. Bluefone Marine proposed that the vessel would be seaworthy in six months.

The VRA's 2013 Annual Report stated that its subsidiary Akosombo Hotels Ltd was seeking to raise financing of over $10,000,000 to complete construction of 65–100 rooms and re-construction of the Dodi Princess.However, the 2014 report stated that financing of over $20,000,000 was needed to complete construction of 65 rooms and construction of a new cruise boat, Dodi Princess. The 2015 report stated that VRA had spent approximately $1.5 million on construction of a new 176-seater cruise boat, Dodi Princess II.

In the end, the burnt Dodi Princess has been replaced with Dodi Princess II. Akosombo Hotels Ltd contracted Onur Makina of Istanbul, Turkey to build and deliver the 176-passenger restaurant ship in Akosombo, Ghana. The construction of Dodi Princess II has been successfully completed by the firm and the ship was put back in service on the Volta Lake in July 2019.

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