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Techiman is historical town of the Fantes, See 10 interesting facts about Techiman.

Techiman is the capital of the newly created Bono East Region of Ghana. It is known for its trading activities. The town is arguably one of the busiest towns in Ghana.

The town was founded by Nana Takyi Firi after the first capital, Bono Manso was destroyed by the Ashantis in a war in 1723. ‘Bono’ means firstborn, ‘man’ means nation and ‘so’ means on – Bonomanso is literally translated, ‘on the nation of the firstborn people of the Akan’.

Techiman, therefore, is an anglicized name from the combination of ‘Takyi’ and ‘oman’ which means ‘Takyi’s town’.

1. Techiman has a settlement population of 104,212 people as at 2010, we are yet to know the current population as 2021 population census is concern.

2. The town is located at a historical crossroads of trade routes and the Tano River, and serves as capital of the Techiman Municipal District.

3. The Fantes part of the Akan group according to their oral tradition, migrated from Techiman to found the coastal Mankessim Kingdom that covers present Central region and Western regions in 1252.

4. In August, an annual yam ceremony takes place and it marks the end of the yam production in the Brong-Ahafo Region towns

5. The Municipality lies between longitudes 10 49’East and 20 30’ West and latitudes 80 00’ north and 70 35’ South.

6. The Municipality shares common boundaries with Wenchi Municipality to the North and West, Kintampo south District to the North-East, Nkoranza South District to the South-East and Offinso-North District (in the Ashanti Region) to the South. Total land area is 669.7 square kilometer.

7. Techiman Municipality experience both semi-equatorial and tropical conventional or savanna climates, characterized by moderate to heavy rainfall annually.

8. The Municipality has three main vegetation zones, namely, the Guinea-Savanna woodland, located in the north-west, the semi-deciduous zone in the south and the Transitional zone, which stretches from the south-east and west up to the north of the municipality.

9. Techiman is noted with the largest market in the sub-region. It hosts traders from Togo, Benin, Cote D’ivoire, Burkina Fasso, Mali and other part of West African sub region

10. Talking about transportation, Techiman is recognize as of the major transiting points to many other destinations in the country. Road networks connect to Kumasi, Kintampo Wenchi, Tamale and Nkronza.

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