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People And Places; Mysterious Towns in Ghana Whose Name Ghanaians Fear And Respect

The name and culture of every town are built on a certain belief system. Society being dynamic, some of these cultural practices and beliefs that get outmoded may be discarded by the people. Civilization and education however do not alter some of the core values that serve as the bedrock of some societies.

Ghana as a nation is relatively peaceful and citizens are more often than not free to go out of their normal duties. Despite the cosmopolitan nature of the country, there is a cordial relationship among the various sub-groupings in the country. That notwithstanding, out of respect and probably fear the was associated with some towns in Ghana, people are scared and careful when mentioning those towns.

This article brings you up-to-date with mysterious towns in Ghana and why Ghanaians are very careful with those towns.

1. Antoa in the Ashanti Region; what is mysterious about the town is the presence of a very powerful river deity called Antona nyamaa. The deity is considered one of the most powerful in the country. Many who believe in black power have invoked the powers of the deity to place curses on others or seek spiritual protection. It is believed that the name of the gods is not just mentioned as it has repercussions.

2. Nogokpo in the Volta Region. This is a small town in the Volta Region of Ghana. The mere mention of the name sends a shiver down the spine of some people. The town is associated with many mysterious as it is not all aspects of the town that you can go with your footwear. Nogokpo is inhabited by arguably the most powerful shrine in Ghana. People troop there to seek spiritual protection, fortifications, and many more. 

These are beautiful towns and nobody should be scared of visiting to explore what they got to offer except you have to abide by the rules and regulations.

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